Teach Your Children Beautiful Questions – Part 1

One of the special things about kindergarten, and why it is so important, is that it can be a perfect environment for learning with curiosity and passion. There are no tests to “teach to” and there is very little to memorize. (Though memorizing certain things matters a lot, too.) In kindergarten, it’s still ok not to know the answer to something. In kindergarten, it’s still ok to ask questions.

Fears of a First Time Coach

Two hours before my debut as an U7 baseball coach, and I kept thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” A part of me even wished we’d have a rain-delay. Yes, I was afraid of little league!

Children, The Internet, Addiction, And The Good Life

Love is the killer app – book title Kate T. Parker’s pictures usually show girls doing what they love to do. They dance, wrestle against boys, play soccer, make music, build mud forts, and help their friends. She lovingly depicts ordinary-extraordinary girls who are athletes, artists, musicians, and leaders. Usually. She also shows girls in …