Teach Your Children Beautiful Questions – Part 1

One of the special things about kindergarten, and why it is so important, is that it can be a perfect environment for learning with curiosity and passion. There are no tests to “teach to” and there is very little to memorize. (Though memorizing certain things matters a lot, too.) In kindergarten, it’s still ok not to know the answer to something. In kindergarten, it’s still ok to ask questions.

Fears of a First Time Coach

Two hours before my debut as an U7 baseball coach, and I kept thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” A part of me even wished we’d have a rain-delay. Yes, I was afraid of little league!

How Not To Let Your Bad Behaviour Ruin Your Child pt. 1: Shame

Parents sometimes act badly and in trying to fix their mistakes, they make the situation worse. Often a parent’s responses to feelings of guilt or pity undermines their child’s capacity to grow as a person. That, in turn, deprives their child of their full humanity. Parental pity or shame makes it harder for kids to …